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Mercado Global is a Brooklyn-based affordable luxury accessories brand that highlights the refined craftsmanship of heritage Mayan weaving.

Mercado Global items In June 2002, in a community of returned refugees in Guatemala’s highlands, Ruth DeGolia made the decision to start Mercado Global to help indigenous women overcome the severe poverty and oppression they face by tapping into their heritage weaving skills. While still in her junior year at Yale, Ruth had a simple idea: give the artisans access to an international market and they would have the income they need to send their children to school and put food on their families’ tables themselves.

Mercado Global items In September 2011, Ruth recruited Courtney Hardt as Creative Director of Mercado Global. Courtney saw an opportunity in the industry for consumers to slow down and appreciate the process and quality of heritage Mayan weaving. She sought to showcase Guatemala’s age-old craftsmanship traditions and leverage Mercado Global’s production structure. With an extensive background in design and product development for brands such as Ralph Lauren and Coach, Courtney spearheaded the development of the Mercado Global brand. Since it’s inception, Mercado Global has created job opportunities for over 300 indigenous Mayan women in the Western Highlands of Guatemala. The label has been featured by Vogue Italy, Harpers Bazaar, Marie Claire, and WWD. Mercado Global’s model for enlisting the fashion industry in fighting poverty and empowering indigenous women weavers has been featured on the cover of Newsweek, by NPR and on Good Morning America.

Mercado Global items INSPIRATION BEHIND THE NAME: Mercado Global – Mercado, “market” in Spanish and Global, providing global market access to artisans who previously might not have had the opportunity to make a sustainable income.

HERITAGE AND CRAFTSMANSHIP: There is a story behind each symbol and pattern in every collection, just as there is in each huipil that the Mayan women wear. Black and white will always be found in our collections, representing coming into the light and out of the dark for our artisans.

Mercado Global logo

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