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The inspiration for my jewelry comes from my diverse life experiences. From my study of art history and ceramics, I learned about color, symmetry, and balance, and about the responsiveness of natural materials. Nature has taught me the beauty of peacefulness and order. I often gain insight from architectural and textile design. I am also inspired by the people I love, which is why I have named so many of my pieces after friends and family.

Lulu Designs After working with ceramics for eight years, I was inspired to start making jewelry. I taught myself how to bead and wrap wire, and was delighted I could make art that people could wear. The encouragement I gained from friends and family led me to start my own business, which uses my childhood nickname. After I had made beaded jewelry for ten years, my partner taught me how to cast my own pieces. I have now developed new ways of working with metal and have begun collaborating with other skilled craftspeople in Thailand and Afghanistan. The result of these collaborations is exquisite jewelry that is infused with the energy from stones and metallic elements as well as the history of these craftspeople and their jewelry-making traditions. My intention is to transmit the beauty of natural materials into wearable art that will last for generations
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